Ana Gribbons, visual artist
2011 Wrap-up

It was a year of of much painting and expanding boundaries. I joined the Burlington Art Centre and participated in two events there. In April, I had some paintings up for Kaleidoscope — a Spring Arts and Crafts Show and again in November during their Christmas Show. It was a pleasure to be amongst some very talented artists exhibiting so many of the arts –pottery, woodworking, weaving, painting, and photography. My work was well received and some paintings went to good homes!

As well, for 2 years now I have been involved in a monthly artistic project. Each month, 2 friends and I get together and go around photographing interesting neighbourhoods and areas of Toronto. These digital images become fodder for our creative endeavours. Judy Cazemier is a professional photographer and her expertise is much appreciated. Janet Potter is a mixed media artist and I, of course, am the painter in our triumvirate. Our little group is very supportive and we have a lot of fun.

We decided to put a on little show at Hang Man Gallery (where we all initially had met) showcasing how we develop the same idea in 3 unique ways. For example, I would have a painting of a streetcar, Judy had a photograph of one and Janet transferred a streetcar image onto a metal plate. So in early September, our exhibit, Soul of Toronto came into being at Hang Man Gallery to a very receptive audience.

In July, I had a summer show of paintings at Arts on Queen in The Beach area in Toronto and then again in November. A streetcar painting was such a hit that Ellen Wagner the owner of Arts on Queen called me to ask me to create a few more. So within 2 weeks I rushed to create 4 more streetcar paintings. This was a challenge but I was up for it! These streetcar paintings are not your usual anatomically correct vehicles but more mysterious versions of colour and movement. Especially at night, a moving streetcar becomes a symphony of abstract forms that is a joy to paint.

Now that I have a spot at Arts on Queen in east end Toronto, I thought about trying for something similar in the west end. I was fortunate enough to get accepted into Lattitude 44 – an upscale gallery, framing and decor establishment at 2900 Dundas St. West, very close to Keele St. I had a few paintings up at the end of this year but in February 2012 I will have prime front gallery space! Stay tuned….